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Anywheres: Products, Kit, & Equipment for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

Who are the Anywheres?

Having worked in a variety of locations and doing a whole bunch of different jobs we have become frustrated that the options are limited if you need some of the tools and insights that can make remote working effortless. The Anywheres are the workers set free and they take pride in productivity.

Our mission

Backed by Lyreco (a global office supply company), we want to enable the remote worker, the digital nomad, the freelancer, and the home worker. We want to help with more than just chargers and keyboards. We want to provide advice, inspiration and support.

Anywheres: Products, Kit, & Equipment for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads & freelancers
The team

Our team

We launched because we want flexible workers like us to feel valued and supported, just as much as our office based colleagues! We are part of the Anywheres; we are remote workers ourselves – the small team is made up of Greg, Marc, Pollyanna, & Mayce.

Greg works all over the world; based some of the time in France – he makes sure that we are all on the right track!

Marc is the brains and body behind He’s mostly located in a co-working space in East London. Secondly, he can be found remote-working in France, and thirdly working from home in Kent, UK.

Pollyanna is a self-employed freelancer genuinely living the Anywheres lifestyle, and she writes the content for our website and social media channels from various cafes and free wifi spots all over the English countryside.

Mayce recently moved to the UK from Norway and is currently getting to grips with working in co-working spaces in London.