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How to quit your job

Today we are getting some life lessons and top advice on how to quit your job for Anywheres from Robbie Abed, author of the book ‘Fire me I beg you’, journalist, ghostwriter for senior executives, and content marketer for technology companies. Robbie is a ...

15th October 2018
to-do list: how to create an effective to-do list

If you’re a self-employed freelancer and operating from multiple locations – always mobile and without the ability to write a to-do list on a massive whiteboard on the wall above your head – then this article is for you. If you are working for yourself,…

11th October 2018 Travel and Working

We define Anywheres as the workers who have been set free; as the individuals who don’t need to be in an office to be working. Anywheres are the remote workers, the self-employed, the freelancers, and the digital nomads. And for this lucky group ...

15th September 2018
Physical Meetings in the Office are a waste of time for Remote Workers

“Come into the office. I think that weekly physical meetings and updates from everybody in person would help us get the ball rolling on this generic project and it should only take a couple of hours every Monday morning to…” STOP. Please stop. I ...

26th August 2018

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Time Managagement
Task Management in 4 steps for Remote Workers

“Time waits for no man,” I’m sure I remember my father telling me in one of his more philosophical moments, “Hurry up with that beer.” was probably the end of that sentence. Task management was perhaps his intended lesson. When you work for yourself, you…