First time working from anywhere – Norway Edition

First time working from anywhere – Norway Edition

Before I began my career, I knew that I wanted to have a job that allowed me to work from different locations such as my room, co-working space/office, coffee shops, in my aunties living room among her cat (Sally) and dog (Lady) or in a different country.

How did I know this? Well, I knew because it fits my personality, and just the way I function as an individual. The traditional office space never appealed to me. Matter of fact, it makes me a bit claustrophobic. It seemed like society and companies had already chosen our working hours for us. Assuming what time of the day we work the best. They dictate when we should start, and when we should stop working. But we are not all the same. It’s important that we figure out when and what works the best for us so we can not only deliver what’s required from us but also enjoy the process.

As I mentioned earlier, I already knew what worked for me. However, it was difficult to find companies that offered flexible working within the field I was interested in. The majority of my options included positions that didn’t interest me in a traditional office space.

However, being a graduate with so much drive, passion and curiosity I knew I couldn’t just “take whatever that came my way” (a phrase I heard on a daily basis!). After spending years learning about human behaviour and the human mind (BSc Psychology), and then another year about the importance of choosing work that you love, the importance of a healthy work environment and what makes employees innovate (MSc) I found it extremely difficult to settle for a working environment or a role that didn’t fit my core beliefs. I didn’t and still don’t believe that we have to just start somewhere. If we do have to start somewhere then let that “somewhere” be on the path you see ourselves going.

After months of research, rejections and unsatisfying job offers I finally found my fit (here’s to not settling I guess). And I find it extremely interesting to have my first graduate role as a flexible worker.

However, just like with every wish that comes true, there is a sacrifice. And mine was leaving the comfort of my home: leaving my family, my friends and move to another country…England. And even though it’s not far away from Norway, it’s still somewhere else than home.

This gem is only 10 min walk from my home. One of my favourite places (Steinbruvannet).

A lot of new changes had happened since I’ve moved to England and as much as I have enjoyed it, I also felt mentally tired. I felt the need to go back home for a couple of days, back to my base to recharge. And the best thing was that I knew this was possible for me. I guess that’s the beauty of flexible working – having the opportunity to be around loved ones while doing work you enjoy.

(The essentials: coffee, notebook, laptop and some Toblerone chocolate)

FYI, I am writing this in the airport (while listening to Beyonce – Find your way back) and we are just about to board. I am very excited to go back home, and I am looking forward to experiencing my first ever “working from another country” days.

With that being said, here’s to not settling and not taking “whatever comes our way”. Work should be enjoyed; it should inspire, nurture and lift us.

See you on the other side!