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What’s in your Kitbag? Although I may be often criticised for believing I’m always right… it’s not the truth and is in fact, far from it. Yes, I am one of the Anywheres, I work from home, from coffee shops, from the beach, and many more places – but my business needs are going to be very different to your business needs, and so, I would like to ask for your help.

What goes in your kitbag? What is the kit and equipment that you couldn’t live without – that your business thrives on because you take it with you anywhere and everywhere?

What are the essential pieces of digital nomad technology that enable you to work remotely? What pens, notebooks, keyboards do you not only use, but love and recommend to your fellow freelancers and remote workers?

We have five questions for you to answer below:

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Thank you for your help with this survey. The information that you provide will help us to shape the products and services that we can offer to Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Remote Workers, Home Workers, and the Self-employed. We want to make sure that we provide resources and products that can help you all drive your businesses forwards and to help you grow your business and improve your productivity. was set up to provide hand-picked, tailored collections of products that we use in our everyday lives. We built our team of people working all over the world, and we view this as a peer to peer project. Yes, we are backed by Lyreco – the multi-national stationery company, but they know that Anywheres are the future work generation and they want to embrace this movement and make sure that they can provide the best equipment with the best support and customer service.

We want to be the number one online shop for stationery, supplies, and hand-picked products for the Anywheres. Thank you for helping each other.

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