Portable Office Equipment: what’s your minimal kit?

Portable Office Equipment: what’s your minimal kit?

Working as a self-employed freelancer, I strive to keep my equipment down to a minimum level whenever possible. My portable office equipment needs to be lightweight, small, efficient, and necessary.

It’s all about trying to get the perfect balance between purpose and bulk. Yes, I love working off two monitor screens, but you can get stuffed if you think I’m lugging a spare computer monitor around with me. An adaptor to plug into another screen or TV though, or a plugin device to enable me to throw my additional desktop space onto their device. Yes, please sign me up

Mostly I’m working from the client’s offices, from home, from co-working spaces, or from what I call ‘long-term coffeeshops’ – you know, the ones that are happy for you to sit there for hours working, as long as you purchase at least one cup of coffee an hour and ideally vacate the table for an hour over lunchtime so that they can extract some higher value out of the cover space.

These kind of locations where you can spend the whole day are,  although temporary workspaces, a place where you can set yourself up to work in a way that means you are not just hunching over your laptop. It means your kit bag rucksack doesn’t have to stay tucked between your legs with one strap wrapped around your foot for security. This is a place where portable office equipment can work.

Start with the laptop – do you have a lightweight laptop with sufficient battery power to enable you to work for 8 hours? The toss-up between battery power length and weight of the battery is real. Having a lightweight laptop means real portability. You can set up quickly and traipse around town without your shoulders feeling like you’ve completed a mountain hike at the end of the day.

If your laptop battery doesn’t last a whole day’s work, then do you have a mini charger for it without the weight of a standard power pack? Have a look at the Mac USB C Charger Power Adapter.

Do you want to spend your life with a bad neck? No? Then you need a lightweight, and portable laptop stand for your computer to help raise it off the desk and up to eye level. The Roost Stand captured everyone’s attention on Kickstarter when it launched, but how about alternatives like the Next Stand?

If the MacBook is off the desk, then you will also need a lightweight, portable Bluetooth keyboard on which to type. We’ve handpicked a couple of options including the Logitech K380 and the Caseflex UltraSlim.

You’ll need a pen, and a notepad for those moments of old-school inspiration, and a bag in which to keep everything – why not combine your carry bag with a way to keep this portable office equipment organised and allow you to set up and pack up quickly? Check out the Hotbox on-desk storage bag for a solution that could work for you.

Whatever goes into your kit bag, make it work for you – not the other way around. Make sure that each part of your kit has a purpose, can last the day, and doesn’t give you a backache.

We would love to hear what portable office equipment goes into your kit bag – so please contact Anywheres and let us know.

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