A new app to access an array of work-spaces on-the-go. The community includes creators, entrepreneurs and collaborators working across co-working spaces, art galleries, hotels and many other extraordinary venues, available for you to book today.


Discover partially and fully remote jobs from around the world at JustRemote. All jobs listed offer a minimum of 2 days remote working. Find your perfect role quickly and easily today.


WorkClub is a coworking membership for remote professionals - freelancers, startups and employees. Get started with a 14 day free trial and gain access to a growing network of workspaces and meeting rooms across London.

Free trial


Manage expenses easily by taking pictures of receipts.


Ace Hotel - Shoreditch

The cafe area is a popular hangout for remote workers looking for a free place to work from (as long as you are prepared to get a coffee)



Friendly London based Coworking communities specially designed for freelancers, students and independent workers.

Free membership, hot desks starting at £95 a month (less for evening and weekend desks)

Second Home

One of the most eclectic and beautiful workspaces in London. Great food, creative atmosphere and loads and loads of plants!

See website for pricing


A vibrant Slack community and newsletter to help remote workers find their dream gig


Productivity tool to help you organise your working and personal life. Highly recommended by our team!



Uncover trusted spots to work remotely in a city.
Plus a Slack community.

Free to join, Pro membership available

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