How To Stay Healthy When You Work From Home

How To Stay Healthy When You Work From Home

Working from home can boost your productivity and make you more creative almost in a heartbeat. However, staying motivated doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with staying healthy. A new routine or workflow may cause you to eat on the go or you might get a bit addicted to snacking at your desk, plus it’s also very likely that those regular walks you used to do might move down the priority list…

So, how do you stay healthy when you work from home? Here’s our handy checklist:

Create an office space

Not everyone has the space to set up their own dreamy office in their flat or house. Of course, the most preferable option would be to have a spare room to transform into an office, however, such possibilities are often very limited. It can be enough to just make a small corner of a room a bit of your office space. Sure, you can organise a small desk or table and a comfortable chair for everyday work. While in the very beginning of your journey with remote working, your couch might seem to be the most convenient place on earth to work from, but you may soon realise that you can’t reach the peak of your productivity in the place where you are supposed to relax, read or watch TV. 

Take walks

Don’t forget to move your… legs, you know? Taking a short walk can skyrocket your efficiency levels and make you more motivated to get things done. You can use five or ten minute walks as a perfect way to clear up your mind and have a break from tedious tasks. You won’t believe how beneficial a leisurely stroll can be!

Eat regularly

Working from home creates a lot of perfect opportunities for snacking. Some nuts here, some crisps there, oh, and a can of coke, because… why not? You should take control over it in the same way as you do your work. Your daily plan should consist of time for work, sleep, breaks and eating. Setting up fixed schedules for all meals throughout the day can save you a lot of time – time which could be spent on something more creative than nibbling. 

Get into exercising

Don’t look for excuses, look for solutions. No one said that you need to attend a gym regularly and work out really hard every day. Sometimes it’s more than enough to just take some smaller steps for your health. Replace your old desk with a standing desk, switch to a balance ball chair, or even do some light exercise while sitting.

Apps are your friends…

Technology can be a great help. While you’ve probably been using a lot of apps and tools for project management or time tracking, there’s got to be more you can use to take care of your well-being. Numerous apps dedicated to remind you about drinking water, provide you with some healthy recipes or ideas for nutritious snacks or show you possible workouts to do in your spare five minutes can be real game changers. 

…but they can’t fully replace people

Don’t be scared of popping into co-working spaces or coffee shops from time to time. Not only can you change the work environment and breathe in some different air, but you’ll also get the chance to socialise. Meeting other fellow digital nomads during lunch breaks and working on their side a few days in a month can help you be even more productive and creative, and can generate some opportunities for collaboration on new projects.

Get a pet

Having a pet: a cat, or a dog, can make you really happy and healthy. You will be somehow forced to take some regular walks, dearly love and feed this little creature, but you’ll be paid back with their presence, many “tail-wagging” moments and some company when you are stressed or down. 


Being a remote worker is fun however, if you are not entirely prepared it can seem to be a disaster at first. You don’t have to use all of the aforementioned methods at once, small actions are more than great for staying healthy when working from home. No matter if you choose some exercises, apps or just a better eating routine, you are already one step further in the right direction!