Travel & Working are not separate activities

Travel & Working are not separate activities

We define Anywheres as the workers who have been set free; as the individuals who don’t need to be in an office to be working. Anywheres are the remote workers, the self-employed, the freelancers, and the digital nomads. And for this lucky group of people – we believe that travel & working are not separate activities.

I remember 16 years ago when leaving University that my friends broadly fell into three categories. The broad groups were those who knew what they wanted to do and where they were off to work; those who were going to take this opportunity to go traveling and explore what they could do (and had the means to do that); and those who just didn’t have a clue and stumbled into their career through indifference and inaction.

Yes, that last one was me.

My career turned out amazingly successful considering its shaky start, and through work, I got to explore some amazing countries and cities. But the path of indecision is not the path that I would advise to anyone.

But do you have to choose work or travel? What if there was a way to accomplish both?

If you can reduce your financial responsibilities as low as possible; drop your fixed monthly outgoings to the bare minimum – then you gain some independence and freedom. Start by knowing what your monthly expenses are.

You can become location independent if you can find work that is transferable to any (or most) places; online work, emailable work, consulting, marketing, writing, or you have skills that are needed in every location; carpentry, bartending, dog walking?

Now travel and work can combine. You are free to become one of the Anywheres. One of the workers set free from the office and set free to pursue a life and career that will be richer and more enlightening than any cubicle or corner-office.

Make sure that you have everything that you need to operate your new business, that it’s portable enough to take anywhere you go, and that it’s inspiring enough that you love it. Check out our handpicked starter kit for digital nomads.

Once you are ready to go, make sure you have a list written of your reasons to travel and work. Write down your motivation – because we are not guaranteeing that every day will be rosy and beautiful, far from it. But on those days where they long-distance client hasn’t paid their invoice on time, or life working at the beach isn’t as great as it once seemed, then you will need to look back at that list and clearly remember why being an Anywhere is better than being a salary-person.

Take time to reflect as you go. Make time to discover new skills and forge long-lasting relationships that you can call on for advice as your journey and adventure develops. You may well find that the work and skills that you set out to achieve is not the career that you achieve months, even years down the line.

And most importantly, take time to share your wisdom and experience. You don’t have to start a travel blog, a LinkedIn sermon, or launch one of the ubiquitous Digital Nomad guidance courses (only $9.99).

If you can take time to sit and speak to your fellow travellers and fellow freelancers, remote workers, and nomads, then you will find that there is a supportive network of people who can tip you off about the next great place to visit. I mean work. Ah, you get it.

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