Where To Work From When You Don’t Have A Desk

Where To Work From When You Don’t Have A Desk

Welcome to the year 2019 – when you are easily able to work from anywhere you want. No more feelings of being tied to your desk and waiting for the clock to show 5pm. 

With the wave of digital transformation, high-speed internet on the go and modern technology, you don’t need to accomplish all your tasks in the office. In fact, you don’t really need the office at all. Or even a desk.

Where can you work if the office is a no-no for you and you want to feel some real freedom? 


Answering a million emails over a cup of coffee can be nothing but pleasure! The smell of coffee, others working on their tasks and the vibe of productivity can really get your creative juices flowing. 

The main advantage for working out of a cafe is that you can work there for the cost of a few drinks (and a piece of cake, obviously) a day, and you can change your workplace every day, since cafes are basically everywhere. Espresso today, latte tomorrow, cold brew on Friday? It’s entirely up to you. 

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Coworking spaces 

If you don’t feel like you belong to any office but sometimes would like to work surrounded by others, then you may be interested in having a hot desk in a coworking space. There are quite a lot of benefits for such a solution: First – you don’t need to use it every day. Second – it will surely be cheaper than renting a whole office for yourself. The third reason is that space in a coworking place often comes with some perks like conference rooms or catering you can have for free or at a discounted price. In the end, it can turn out that by working in a coworking space you not only save a small fortune but also expand your network or find new clients. 

Your own sofa 

This is where many people dip their toes into the world of remote working. For many, working on the sofa is regarded as the dream workplace. It can indeed be relaxing, but also distracting since you work from the same place you eat, sleep and lounge in. If you decide to work from home, creating a small space for working that is separate from your living room or bedroom may be worth considering. 

You save a lot of money on working from home, but you need to try even harder to stay productive. 

For example, your fridge is too close or you might out of nowhere decide to do some laundry in the middle of the day! Distraction can kill creativity, but there are ways to overcome it and keep some discipline while working at home.


When it is sunny and warm, no one wants to be locked indoors. Parks are considered a perfect workplace when the weather isn’t playing tricks. They are often newly renovated, equipped with nice pieces of furniture you can use as your remote desk, and the views can be breathtaking. Some cons? Well, you can easily get distracted or become an escapee when the rain comes or sun shines too strongly. 


A bit forgotten, a bit underrated: libraries can definitely be a good shout as a great remote workplace. If you are a fan of old libraries, you will definitely find something classic for yourselves. However, it may be worth discovering some modern venues too. In many of them, you may need no computer at all since they provide their own. If you love working in absolute silence, you should definitely give this option a go. 

So, where to work from? 

Obviously, there are many other places you can try and work from: the sky’s the limit! You can deliver amazing tasks while working remotely, without any decrease in productivity and efficiency. Wherever you work, remember to check that you have all the necessary access to data you need for work and that your files and documents are stored and shared securely. Remote working can help you discover the most productive version of yourself. Good luck!

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